CattyMan - Unscented Super Hydrated Shampoo Wipes For Cats

CattyMan - Unscented Super Hydrated Shampoo Wipes For Cats

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Just wipe it off without water to make it look like a shampoo! It is very gentle and can be used every day. Does not dry easily. Tear resistant. Super thick, moisture mesh sheet. No fragrance, so you can rest assured that cats sensitive to odors. Designed specifically for your pets: No Propylene Glycol, Paraben or Alcohol, formulated with Bamboo Dry Extract. Moisturizing formula glycerol (unscented) Please use it in between shampoo and shampoo, when you are concerned about stains and smells, do not take a bath after sickness or disease, or care of senior cats, etc.


1. Brush well before use and release hair tangles. 2. Wipe your pet body. Cannot be used in mouth or in ears. 3. After using, please brush it to shape the hair. (No wiping is required) Peel the seal on the surface of the bag and remove the sheets one by one. Please close the seal properly after use to prevent drying


Ingredients: Purified water, glycerol, bamboo drying extract, preservatives/material: non-woven fabric


Please be sure to read the "How to use" on the product packaging


Product specifications may change without prior notice

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