Pidan Tofu & Bentonite Clay Cat Litter

Pidan Tofu & Bentonite Clay Cat Litter

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  • Original mixed cat litter, self-developed automatic production line.
  • The ability to absorb water, deodorize, and clump needed for cat litter is gathered and done in one pack


  • Product name: Cat litter tofu and bentonite clay cat litter
  • Product suitable for cats

    Dimension: 2.4 kg / bag

    Shelf life: 24 months

    Material: Pea dregs, starch, guar gum, bentonite

    Product ratio: 68% tofu litter with 2mm diameter + 32% bentonite + deodorizing particles


    1. In the transportation process, it is impossible to avoid the package colliding and resulting in the bag losing its vacuum; please be careful to buy if you mind. The vacuum packaging is for removing dust and the convenience of putting each bag into a box. Thus, vacuum packaging has nothing to do with the cat litter's function and shelf life. So, the cat litter is safe even if its bag loses its vacuum.
    2. To avoid clogging, do not flush excessive cat litter into the toilet in a single flush.
    3. Spread the cat litter flat in the litter box 3-5 cm thick. For a cleaner toileting experience, it is recommended to clean the litter daily.
    4. About the color difference: different batches of cat litter may vary slightly in color, which is normal; please feel free to use it.