Pidan Pet Oral Syringe
Pidan Pet Oral Syringe
Pidan Pet Oral Syringe
Pidan Pet Oral Syringe

Pidan Pet Oral Syringe

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~Solves the Problem of Feeding Medicine to Your Pet~

A premium quality material used, leakage proof and reliable

The syringe is made of premium quality polypropylene so it can be disinfected by high temperature, steam, or ultraviolet rays. Piston head and pipe wall have a high degree of fit between them so leakage is strictly prevented. The pet medicator is sturdy and durable so each use you feel more at ease.  

A medicine dispenser and also a water dispenser 

The syringe has multiple uses and with bigger volume. It can be used as a medicine dispenser, water dispenser, or milk dispenser. 

Pure white with a matte touch, a visibly clean

The parts are detachable and with a humanized design so washing them is much easier.

Silicone feeding head, caring for your lovely pet's oral area

 Silicone is soft so it will not hurt the throat. It is very gentle to your pet because it does not deform easily and is durable and bite-resistant. Each pet medicator comes with 3 feeding head. One feeding head is cut opened a little so it can hold medicine tablets or pills (you can cut freely to suit the medicine's size). The other two feeding head are for feeding with liquid or formula (you can cut freely to suit your pet's need). 

Pet medicator direction of use

Warm Prompt

Some medications cannot be mixed with food because it may reduce the strength of the medicine so it is recommended to use a medicine dispenser instead. 
After the syringe holds tight the pill or draws in the liquid, make sure you target the throat or your pet may spit out the medicine.

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