Doggyman Bowwow biscuit Green & Yellow Vegetable (160g)

Doggyman Bowwow biscuit Green & Yellow Vegetable (160g)

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-Biscuit made with natural ingredients. Rich in health-giving nutrients.
-With added vegetables to maintain a nutritionally balanced dog
-With deodorizing ingredients to make dog poo yucca not add odor, add more calcium to strengthen bones your dog shaped.
-With added dietary fiber and oligosaccharides promote gastrointestinal motility body more healthy dog

Wheat flour, sugar, tapioca starch , vegetable oil, vegetables (spinach, carrots, pumpkin), milk powder, chicory aspirate (dietary fiber, containing oligosaccharides), minerals (calcium,sodium), expanders, spices, yucca extract, food coloring (4 yellow, cyan 1)

More than 7.5% crude protein , crude fat 7.5% or more , crude fiber 1.5%, crude ash content of 4.5% or less, 10.0 percent less water

160 grams

Feeding Guidelines:
Serve as a treat or snacks. Ensure adequate amount of fresh and clean water at all times.

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